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World Building
Make them sweat.

Transportation (moterized): , which causes a chain of conundrums.
Transportation (non-moterized): , which causes a chain of conundrums.
Personal: it goes horribly wrong when .
Randomly inflicted: , which does not necessarily have anything to do with the plot.
Karma: , which has unfortunate effects.
Clothing issues: the MC , which causes esculating problems.
Landscape: The and is trapped.
Emotional: The MC . This doesn't work well.
Relationships: The MC . Is this one different?
Physical: The MC . This changes everything.
Work: The MC's , if it doesn't get better, people are going to start dying.
Framed: The MC is framed for and now they can't finish the job.

If you want just one obstacle, go here.

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When 1 obstacle won't do. Make them sweat!

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