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Reviews, just close your eyes

And I'm talking to the writers. I saw this little ditty in the news and had to share a few thoughts. Writers, close your eyes. Look at how many you got, look at the overall rating, but do yourself a favour and stay away from reading the reviews.
It'll save your blood pressure.
But if you can't, just can't, stay away from them, do not respond to negative reviews.
This news article didn't go into some of the bad things that happen if you do. Do a google search, I particularly like the one where the writer got so obsessed over a bad goodreads review, she actually hunted the person down and went to her house. She became a stalker. They'd posted under a false name, she hired a PI and knocked on her door, determined to have it out.
Don't feed the trolls. They thrive on food. They thrive on conflict. If you interact at all they get a grin and a hardon. Just close your eyes, writer.
You won't change their mind. You won't get a better rating. They'll gleefully spit their venom and watch you get upset. Just save yourself the heartache.
And yeah, there will be people who don't like the book and rate it poorly. There'll be people who don't read the book and rate it poorly. The best-selling book in the world was written by God and even he doesn't get 100% 5-star rating.
Now there are some authors who write something like 'thank you for review' to the good reviews. This seems like good PR, but what the troll sees is a challenge. You do remember that meme?

There are people who will go to any lengths for a challenge. Accept you're going to get some nasty reviews. Talk to friends and vent about the troll. Put up a private post about it, lambasting the idiot, unwashed, flea ridden, lice chewed troll.

Maybe Feath said something interesting in another post?
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