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Heroes and Villains

When I was growing up - a long time ago, I still got my dinosaur leather vest - heroes were heroes, the guys in the white hats, and the villains were villains, identifiable by their black hat. Those times slid by, and villains got more complex. The heroes became anti-heroes, but the villains stayed clearly villains, even if their motivations became more elusive.
Then I read a book - the name of which I've forgotten - in which the villain wasn't bad, just opposed to the hero. His motivation was different, his goal was perhaps the same as the hero, but due to methodology, if he'd won, the outcome would have been different.
An example of this is both the hero and the villain want to 'free the city'. The hero does it by killing bad guys. The villain does it by killing...well, everybody that tries to stop them.
If we have 'anti-heroes', those reluctant heroes that end up doing it anyway, do we also now have 'anti-villains'? Those that somehow, reluctantly, oppose the hero? Is the difference between a hero and a villain motivation? Is it methodology? I asked by writer friends, and they all responded with the same answer.
100% of my writer friends said the only difference between a hero and a villain is pov.
Which got me to thinking about my hero generator. I made an exact duplicate of it, but labeled it 'villain'. When I tried it as 'villain', it came out totally different - I saw it totally different. It was the same hero generator, but due to my expectations, it became something different. I'm debating with myself on if I want to post the villain generator. I probably will, but not just now.

Maybe Feath said something interesting in another post?
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