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Western Example Gen

The first thing I do, is take another generator already completed and up to date with the nav bar. Why reinvent the wheel? Then I overwrite the old answers with new ones. Refresh to see a new one.

Your MC is in . With the bad guys holding , and .

Here's the code, without -- well the code. So you can see the possibilities.

Your MC is

Quotation[0] = "locked in"
Quotation[1] = "imprisoned"
Quotation[2] = "stuck"
Quotation[3] = "chained"
Quotation[4] = "an Indian fighter"
Quotation[5] = "desperate"
Quotation[6] = "a lawyer"
Quotation[7] = "shivering"

Quotation[0] = "a wooden room"
Quotation[1] = "their good intentions"
Quotation[2] = "the basement"
Quotation[3] = "a dilemma"
Quotation[4] = "quicksand"
Quotation[5] = "a ravine"
Quotation[6] = "bad choices"
Quotation[7] = "fear"

With the bad guys
Quotation[0] = "outside"
Quotation[1] = "catching up"
Quotation[2] = "madder than hell"
Quotation[3] = "surrounding him"
Quotation[4] = "determined to kill him"
Quotation[5] = "closing in"
Quotation[0] = "guns "
Quotation[1] = "knives "
Quotation[2] = "bad thoughts "
Quotation[3] = "a grudge"
Quotation[4] = "their breath"
Quotation[5] = "poisonous arrows"

Quotation[0] = "bloody intentions"
Quotation[1] = "swords"
Quotation[2] = "whips"
Quotation[3] = "torches"
Quotation[4] = "deadly designs"
Quotation[5] = "germs"

Quotation[0] = "evil grins"
Quotation[1] = "the MC's family"
Quotation[2] = "unholy plans"
Quotation[3] = "copyright laws"
Quotation[4] = "the lawyer"

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An MC, with a past, a goal, a conflict & maybe get the girl

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