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March 26,16
Website updates

I decided to go ahead and publish Villains. Except for triggers, it's identical to the heroes generator. Both hero and villain gen's will likely be expanded. It feels like a trick - I know I'm reading the heroes gen, but because it's labeled villain, the same words have a new meaning. Trippy. For those that say it's just another hero, I submit - villains are heroes, just looking at them sideways. (And out of the corner of your eyes. With caution. And backing up, slowly.)

I've also posted picture prompts for all us right brainers. Hum, I should do some lists for lefties ;) *adds to ever growing list*
I love the picture prompt, being dyslexic means pictures are a huge part of my life. I'll be adding more pics as time goes by, but it's fully functional with what it has now.

Of course, the navigation bar won't be fully updated throughout the site until later. Although you can always look at the site map to see all the new content.
Maybe Feath said something interesting in another post?
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