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March 17,16
Blog and World

I do have a blog and I even use it. Usually, it's rants, sometimes it's a vent, and very rarely, it has something worth reading about. Not this time. Sowwy.
I'm expanding the world generator today. I noticed last night places I could expand it. I'll be updating the world book I have on sale. If you already have the book, it will automatically give you the updated version, there's nothing you need to do. In effect, I about doubled the prompt with both expanded answers and new content.
My MIL 'helped' me with my cooking today. I thought I was passed the 'help' of three-year-olds, but that is not the case. I can't yell at her. I can't yell at partner. ... poor kitty, I feel so guilty.
Maybe Feath said something interesting in another post?
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