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I've noticed the amount of Pinterest activity here. As a thank you, I'm in the process of making pin's for my pages that look nice and are functional. I don't recommend using the pin-it (with counter) button on the upper left of the home page. I've not been able to figure out how to replace their default nasty-ass, self promoting photo. (It should be my nasty-ass self promoting photo.) I do recommend using your browser bar Pinterest button. If you don't have one, go get one. You'll have a much more pleasant experience everywhere.

I just realized something. Over a decade ago, I used to mention if you wanted a different prompt, to just refresh the screen. I haven't said that in years, figuring people knew this from internet experience. But what if someone doesn't know? So I'm mentioning it now, and will think on mentioning somewhere else, too. If you want another prompt from the same page, just refresh your screen. I've done this, found in upper left corner of all prompts. *cookie*
Maybe Feath said something interesting in another post?
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