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Playing Catch Up

Just a copy/paste of all the things I've said this month, taken off my home page. I got disability issues that keep me from doing stupid nitpicky ocd anal stuff. Deal with it, mate lol. I'll keep up from here, forward.

March 12, 2016
Navigation & New Generators

Feath has been a good girl. *gets cookies* *gets cake* *gets cookies* *gets cookies and cake* First, all the pages have the new generators in the navigation bar. That would be World, ReImagine Story, ReImagin Fairy Tale, Romance, Hero, and Paranormal. The new new generators Western and Society are only on the main page so far. I have renamed the catagory to reflect the world building generators are not genre generators. These newest changes won't be reflected anywhere except the main page until I update them all again. Not sure when that will be. Keeping the navigation bar up to date is proving to be challenging.

March 9, 2016
Navigation bar

Feath has been a bad girl. Well, a busy girl. I've still not got the navigation bar updated. You will find all the new generators on the home page bar, but nowhere else. I'll get to it, scouts honor. But business comes before play. And since I work from home, there is no 'weekend'.

March 7, 2016
Using the prompts

If you see a prompt, and it looks amazing, except for this one line, don’t pass it up. Either take out that part that bothers you or change it to something that fits your spark better. You want another POV? Add it. You want illness, not armies? Change it. You don’t like the sidekick? Take it out. Writer Sparks are to spark an idea, not pin you down under blocks of chiselled stone.

March 7, 2016
Those peeps sharing feath.com

Those of you who re sharing feath.com on Pinterest, facebook and twitter, thank you. Your friends will thank you, too. ;)

March 6, 2016
Science Fiction World

Need a world? I got your back. It would work with fantasy, too. Anything that needs a world other than earth. I love it, actually. Hope you do, too. The navigator bar should be showing all the new generators by the end of my day tomarrow. (ReImagine Story and ReImagin Fairy, Romance and Hero generator, and World makes 5.) EDIT: oops! Make that 6 - I forgot Paranormal.

As much as I love making generators, it's time to stop procrastinating and actually get some work done. I'm expanding my prompt books to 100. That'll take a couple of days.

March 5, 2016
ReImagine part deux

ReImagine is out. It just couldn't handle the amount of code I wanted. So I have to split the generator. There is now ReImagine Story and ReImagin Fairy. In ReImagine Story there are prompts from books, movies and tv shows. In ReImagine Fairy, its all fairy tales. There are a lot of answers. I think I've gone blind. And I know my dyslexia kicked into overdrive, I was switching out 6s for 9s, 3s for 8s, and good lord knows what else. It's not a question of 'are there mistakes', its a question of how many. However, on the plus side, checking the prompts show everything looking good. So here's hoping.

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