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by Bruce Castle

5 star

I didn't read this book. I DEVOURED this book. This isn't a good book. It's a GREAT book.
It's British humour. Pure British Humour. PBH has a feel and taste all its own. Like a ham sarnie, with mustard, and a pint, in a greasy spoon that isn't a greasy spoon so much as a crusted fork, named the Jenny Wren.
Phil is visited by Tim, if that's his name, from 5, possibly, or some agency, probably. And is recruited to -- do nothing. Phil, 'between jobs', agrees to this. This section of the book is Phil, doing nothing. Potting around, seeing people, just accentually setting himself up as a spy, meeting the victor lady, and talking to himself. And the reader. And its like sitting in an open air, small British village pub, watching everything, being involved in everything.
Phil has a turn of phase that will have you snorting (oh, excuse me, English - tittering) in laughter, with huge manly bouts of HA! that echo in the room.
I was going to go on, but don't want to give it away. No spoilers! (I had my suspicions!)
I just don't understand why this doesn't have dozens of reviews. It deserves it. I can only assume the British, who would get the jokes, don't review. And all the other English speaking countries don't review because all the jokes went right over their heads.
Even if you're English you may not agree with some of the things the character Phil says. But the voice used is riveting, locking you into his mindset, his world. The world is England, and all the subsets of life involved in it, historically and currently.
The only negative thing I can think of is the pace. It's slow, by today's standards. I had a brief flash of a Miss Marple show, yeah, like that. Only with huge wit, sarcasm, insights and metaphors - but no proverbs. Although it seems to me by not using them, he missed the opportunity to have a bird in the hand AND two in the bush. But thats just me.
I say give the book a chance. If you don't like it, you're not out much. But there's a good chance you'll love it. I did.

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