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The Red Velvet Box
by Christine Keleny

5 star

A very lovely little story. The ending got me all teary eyed. I loved the red velvet box, it's history and what was in it.
I didn't get the flavour of the era from the cover. Yes, they had jeans in the fifties, but a poodle skirted girl would have helped zero me in faster. There was an expression used that made them think more modern, but everything else settled me into the fifties just fine. I loved the reference to Welk and Elvis.
Katie is a well-rounded character, very much the 13 yo and part of her generation. The descriptions settled me into gramma's house great. I felt like I knew it, like I was there.
The plot is simple. Katie doesn't want to go to grandma's. But grandma is losing her memory, and Katie and her mom are going to help go through grandma's stuff before she's moved. What Katie finds is more than just a lifetimes worth of stuff squirreling away.
For the size of the book, it was a bit pricey. But for such a small book, it still got me hooked into the characters, I ended up caring for them a lot, especially grandma. It's a good book for someone who wants a peek back in time.
The Red Velvet Box was swell!

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