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Letters to Laura
by Wesley Rivers

4 star

I greatly admire Wesley for writing and publishing this. It took a huge amount of guts to open yourself like this to the general public. "Out, proud and loud"? yeah, then mix in "human", because no matter how she sees herself, no matter where she started from or went to, she brings into focus something we've all felt. Love - and love lost.
This book is for anyone wanting a look into the world of a lesbian in love who has been dumped. You won't find it much different than a woman in love with a man. Of course I saw myself (and others) in some of the situations, a sentence or a phrase. Everyone who's loved and lost will.
For me - and this is only me, someone else may love this very point - it overwhelmed towards the end, with the (what I call) emotional bloodletting. And as the letters continued, it seemed less and less 'I love you, Laura', and more and more 'You're a sick, evil woman, and I hope you break as you broke me - for your own good, of course."
The thing that stuck out for me, is in the forward, she speaks of the two of them as 'person A' and 'person B' at one point. She had to distance herself from it so far, they lost names, she wasn't speaking about herself, she was talking about 'person A'. As the forward was written last, after the letters, it told me she is still a work in progress.
As humans, we are all a work in progress, from first breath to last.

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