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Ghost of O'Leary House
by Nicholas Paschall

5 star

This is a fun little book. I read it in two sittings, but it could easily have been one, at 177 pages.
David, who is 16 and in college, doesn't want to have to stay with grandma. But he goes. The house seems haunted and grandma has a bad reputation in town for being a witch. People call her evil but all David sees is the elderly lady who likes to bake cookies.
Then things get weird, then stranger, then it kicks it up a notch. It would seem I was rooting for the wrong person!
It was a fun read, but you need to be comfortable with blood. Cause there's a lot of it. Not graphic, not dripping down from pointy fangs, but - yeah, a lot of it.
It had good description, very good visuals. Very nice characters, I liked how they grew and changed over the course of the story.
I didn't like the end. I liked the -first- ending, it ticky boxed all my requirements for a good vs evil story. But the end of the book? No. Yes, it needed to be there to show you there would be a sequel, but there were many ways that could have been done. It may not strike other readers the same way, you will have to decide for yourself.
I do recommend it.

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