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by Joshua Cook

4 star

The main character, Cendan, is well developed with lots of layers. He seems to me to be on the autistic scale, with poor social skills and a fixation on order and patterns. Of course, this failing is his strength when he gets involved with the Bridgefinders.
The Bridgefinders are a small group of people dedicated to keeping the Slyph away from Earth. She wants to suck all the magic out of it and so become more powerful herself.
The secondary bad guy, Grellnot, is the next well-developed character. Being the whipping boy for Slyph whenever anything bad comes her way, he is surprisingly sympathetic, even though he is, through and through, a bad guy.
The other characters (7 named characters) are very pale compared to those two. To the point when one of the four 'good guys' got killed, I didn't care. I had no emotional connection to him. Even the characters, when finding out he'd died, pretty much just shrugged and said Oh Well. Tea, anyone? (paraphrased, they didn't actually say that)
One thing I didn't like were the number of point of views. Grellnot, Slyph, Cendan and the Elf King all had their say. Two would have worked just fine - perhaps Grellnot and Cendan, as they seemed to be the most developed.
I found the world building interestingly complex. Cook developed an interesting urban fantasy, and he stuck with it. It was a strange mixture of simple and complex - he explained it using simple terms, but the idea was so complex, simple didn't do it justice at all.
I felt this should have been a dark fantasy but it's not. I think this is reflected in the voice and tone of the story. Very young and fresh, when I think dark and moody would have suited it better.
Cendan was so well made, I viewed him as a real person. And his actions made me mad, lol. I won't spoil it for potential readers. The plot was straight forward, without a lot of surprises.
My favorite line: -maybe she would even let Grellnot leave without her permission.

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